December 7 | 2021

With our new filter, anyone can be a SuperHero

Have you already seen our new (very first!) Instagram filter? If not, head over to @hello_superheroes and check it out. Don’t worry, we’ll stick around. Superhero Promise!
…Checked? Feels great being a superhero, doesn’t it? And because now you’re probably wondering how we created it, we’ll give you a quick overview of the process in this article. More specifically, our hero of the story, the filter magician Pablo Marinero Garcia, will.


How it all started
During the pandemic, Pablo did his masters at Brother school of creative in Madrid, and It was around that time that he started to research how to create AR filters to see if he could use it for his own ideas.



One of the filters he made, based on the popular sitcom The Office, got picked up by one of the actors of the show, and the filter became viral. After that brands started to contact him, with requests of doing branded filters for their Instagram accounts. He started to create filters for startups, illustrators and bigger companies like Gillette.


When he became a Superhero, he thought it would be fun to create a custom filter for the agency. He wanted to make something that represented the agency and quickly came up with the idea of using the signature hero-mask of our logo.



The process of making a filter differs a lot depending on the brief, but for this one, he chose to keep it simple by adding a mask with different colours. The first step was to create the mask and add the logo, before importing it to the Spark AR Studio. After that he choose the functions of the filter where the colour of the mask is changing when you blink.



After building the filter the way he wanted it he could easily upload it to our Instagram page (@hello_superheroes). Once the filter was live we saw that people started to use it right away. We already have more than 2.000 people that have used the filter, which is more than we expected!

Go to our profile and click the “spark” in the navigation bar, tap on the filter and start experimenting with it. If you post it, don’t forget to tag us so we can see your superpowers!



Written by Mathilda Fyhr & Anna Breinfalk.

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