December 10 | 2019

With these cards, you’ll be sending more than just good wishes

The shelves of the Foodbank in Amsterdam are nearly empty. Yet more than one million people live below the poverty line in the Netherlands. They don’t have enough money to put a full meal on the table every day, let alone at Christmas.
The Foodbank believes that nobody needs to be hungry, and that’s why they work consistently hard to supply food for those who need it.
SuperHeroes AMS worked with the Foodbank in Amsterdam to release a special kind of Christmas card. The card design is based on traditional Christmas cards, but with an important difference: they all represent a different food item.
When someone uses these cards to send Christmas wishes, they will also be sending food to those in need. 100% of the price of the cards (excl. postage) will go to the Foodbank as a donation.
There are five different styles available at

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