August 8 | 2023

Zoning out? Stimorol gum and AI bring creators back on track

Zoning out during your tasks? Our brand new campaign for Stimorol marries chewing gum and AI to show young adults how the long lasting flavor of Stimorol Infinity / Max gum helps them stay focused.

Having overstimulated brains, GenZs easily get bored or overwhelmed when they need to focus. Their mind starts wandering, and they zone out. It happens when they drive, work, have a conversation, sit in class, study, have lunch. However, one of their solutions to stay in the zone is chewing gum

The insight came from The Robins, SuperHeroes’ Gen Z collective of young adults, who help brands get fresh peeks into their generation and culture.


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Smack bang in the middle

Stimorol and SuperHeroes partnered with six creators who are popular in the subcultures its audience tend to watch, from makeup tutorials, gaming streams to DJs.

Smack bang in the middle of their usual content, the creators zone out to enter a weird, dream-like ‘Zone Out World’, only to be brought back to reality with the power of Stimorol. Catching viewers off guard and cementing Stimorol Infinity/Max as the gum that helps you stay in the zone


Leveraging the power of AI

To create the ‘Zone Out Worlds’, SuperHeroes collaborated with each creator to generate a series of AI videos. With AI still being in its infancy, there were many challenges to overcome. Rendering complex movements and motion wasn’t easy, as it led to the morphing of objects, but in the end this actually led to the dreamy, surreal qualities of the Zone Out Worlds.  

Craig Miles, Creative Director at SuperHeroes: “The best way to speak to Stimorol’s GenZ audience is with content that doesn’t take itself too seriously – so we needed to think beyond traditional boundaries.” 

“Runway Gen-2 is a powerful platform that is still very new and often generates unexpected outcomes, creating a steep learning curve but with results that truly push the limits of creativity. Through hours of experimentation and hundreds (if not thousands) of prompts and image inputs, we developed six unique weird and wonderful ‘Zone Out Worlds’ for each of our creators.”


Late 2022, after an extensive pitch, SuperHeroes Amsterdam was added to the creative roster for Mondelez Europe. This is the first creative output on the Stimorol brand. 

More videos to come in September.

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