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No Need to Rush


ASUS HQ in Taipei asked us to create a launch campaign for the ASUS ZenFone Max, focusing on its key feature: a bigger battery than any of the competition.


The low battery alert. It’s a scary sound, and when we hear it, we all respond in the same way when we still have a lot to say: we start talking faster. Because we wanted to reach a younger audience, we opted for an entertaining content strategy.

“The commercial is brilliant as it is funny and effective in the same time.”

- Dailycommercials.com -


To dramatize the anxiety of a low battery in a fun way we teamed up the Asus Zenfone Max with speed rapper and YouTube star Mac Lethal: what happens when a speed rapper gets a low battery? To make it more relatable and entertaining, we decided to shoot with a hidden camera in a public setting.

The fundament for our content strategy was our SuperClose Model. To stay relevant for a longer period of time, and to keep on refreshing the theme, we thin sliced the target group behavior. We created several sub films to retarget at relevant moments in time, like on Mothers Day, coffee time and dinner time. Also, we built a full content hub, including insightful articles and extra interviews with Mac Lethal.

“The approach really resonates online, and the minute-long clip is closing in on 15 million views across all platforms in just over a week.”



Together with GreatQuestion!, we employed an integrated approach to social and PR and even secured a top 5 spot on the global viral chart at Adage.

• The campaign got an aggregated 30 million views in only 4 weeks (target was 10 million views).
• There was an incredible engagement, with 650.000 likes and more than 60.000 comments, many of which were overwhelmingly positive. (80% positive sentiment, which is an awesome result for a tech brand)

• The campaign set a new Google benchmark in 2016 for Tech industry in terms of lowest CPV.
• ASUS acquired over 100K new fans in social.
• Most importantly, there was a 30% sales increase of ZenFone Max in targeted markets.