The budget plan in everyday language

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Bep’s WhatsApp


Use ‘Prinsjesdag’, the annual announcement of Holland’s lengthy governmental budget plan, as a moment to promote ING’s mission to empower people financially.


The thousand page financial plan announced on Prinsjesdag is too complex to understand. Instead of discussing the important financial revelations of the plan, most dutch citizens just gossip about which royal family member was wearing what hat. To help lift the financial fog and show the plan’s impact on everyday citizens, we needed to translate it to everyday language.


“ING is Whatsapping about the budget plan.”

- RTL Nieuws -


We created Bep’s Whatsapp. An account managed by our very own Bep, a streetwise, mature lady who loves the royal family and knows how to handle her own wallet. Way before ‘Prinsjesdag’ she already looked ahead and sent out messages to anyone who added her. This changed Whatsapp from a 1-on-1 messenger to a campaign medium.



ING struck a chord by using WhatsApp as a campaign tool. Thousands of people used the friendly service, and were able to get answers to personal questions without being exposed to the public, like on Twitter. We even translated the complex budget plan to an emoji version. Who says politics is boring?


“I hope to see Bep again next year.”

- Ilse -