Zero sugar? That's Yum-believable!

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Catalina Crunch

Zero sugar? That’s yum-believable!

Catalina Crunch is a keto-friendly snack and cereal brand that makes your favorite cereals flavors without the sugar. To introduce themselves to a broader American audience, and stand out on the crowded shopping aisle, they needed a TVC campaign that could grab attention.

Zero sugar? That’s Yum-believable!
People tend to think that if something is healthy, it can’t also be delicious. But then again, the world is filled with surprises…like your new neighbor who talks with seagulls.


Connecting data with creativity: collaboration with System1
To ensure the campaign would resonate well with the general population as well as health-conscious consumers, we did a deep dive into US market research, built the new brand strategy, and leveraged System1’s Test Your Ad platform to gauge how viewers felt about the creative throughout the development process.

“This campaign is effectively showcasing that we’re decidedly different.”

- Krishna Kaliannan, founder and CEO of Catalina Snacks Inc. -

Director: Mark Nickelsburg
Production company: MRD Entertainment
Sound design: Sonic Union
Editor: Craig Holzer