We surprised kids with the ‘suckiest’ birthday present ever

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Best Gift Ever


Create a big idea and launch campaign plus supporting social content to introduce the LG CordZero vacuum cleaner to a global market. Emphasize the ease of use, plus the vacuum power.


LG’s CordZero isn’t just another vacuum cleaner. It’s stylishly designed, and loaded with clever innovations, including one that makes the vacuum automatically follow you. Without a cord, you don’t have to be worried about getting strangled in it.

The complaint that cleaning is boring may be older than dirt, but does that mean cleaning can’t be fun? To launch the idea, we put it to the test by giving the product to a critical test audience: kids.


‘The Best Gift Ever’ launch film was an instant success earning over 6 million views. The film was translated to a 30-second TV commercial, to a cinema film and to many in-store outlets. The ‘CordZero Clean Team’ Facebook series received thousands of likes and shares across social media, and is translated and localized globally. The theme ‘Let’s make cleaning fun again’ will also be used over a range of LG household appliances.