Averse to the status quo

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Deal With It


Kinki Kappers, the Dutch chain of hair salons, has always been known to be rebellious, original and in every way averse to the status quo.


SuperHeroes brought this spirit to life in the Deal With It film. We picked up the banner of the philosophy of self-acceptance and authenticity. To ensure lasting attention to the campaign, GreatQuestion! simultaneously engaged social media and PR efforts. This was accomplished with a month long content plan meant to give longevity to the film.


The main film, short snippets, and strong social media copy proved to be very relatable to Kinki’s audience and was shared extensively on Facebook and Instagram. Leveraging Great Question!’s contacts in the Dutch lifestyle and entertainment media sphere we secured an appearance on prime time television at RTL Boulevard. The film resonated with the target group and beyond. So much so in fact, that a great number of online lifestyle outlets shared the film and showed it to their sizeable audiences.



As far as the key numbers go, the excellent quality of the film meant that Kinki was able to punch far above their weight in terms of ‘eyeballs’. Web coverage measured well in excess of 2 million impressions, and a TV appearance that broke a million viewers in prime time.

Oft overlooked, the way a campaign finds a platform internally matters a great deal to its success, especially for a business that incorporates many franchises in its ranks like Kinki Kappers. Deal With It resonated in a big way. Franchisers and employees posted content alongside the official account, displayed the prints proudly and even made a neon sign.

And if it’s made in neon, it’s real.

“A statement that suits the Kinki Kappers hair salons so well. The video is ahead of the so-called ‘trend’ and gives you goosebumps!”

- Tribu-te.nl -