The debt taboo is real

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Don’t Be an Ostrich


42% of all European households have difficulty making ends meet. It’s hard for them to invest into their future, but the Think Forward Initiative (TFI) aims to solve this. TFI has launched, which generates a personalised 5-step financial plan from an easy-to-use questionnaire, followed up by a weekly newsletter offering bite-sized help for its users.

TFI asked us to create an awareness campaign for the launch of, to help people across Europe to become more financially empowered.



Because this target audience is caught in a loop of the same behaviour, and isn’t looking for information about becoming more financially aware, we needed something that would evoke positive recognition, as research has shown this is the key to long term change. has launched in nine European countries, each with their own cultural differences and nuances. This meant the campaign needed a strong universal character to bridge this gap and get people’s attention, across the continent.



When it comes to finances, most people tend to bury their head in the sand. So we figured a quirky-looking ostrich seemed the ideal match to remind people to think ahead, and confront them to make better financial decisions.


Sequential storytelling

Our approach was to create eyeballs first, offer a clear solution with the platform and then echoe sequentially to remind the audience and spur action.

The online video campaign is built of a variety of longer 30 second films, 10 second topical ads and 6 second YouTube bumpers filled with tips. The material is deployed with SuperHeroes’ signature approach of sequential storytelling which allowed the campaign to tap into all different kinds of behaviour regarding personal finance.