Of course you want to make a selfie with a bird on your shoulder

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Hello Edward


Create a product demo video that introduces the 2-in-1 ASUS Transformer Book T100HA to a young Asian and global audience who is increasingly digital and mobile.


We turned a typically boring product demo into an entertaining and innovative AR experience. The mobile experience, using your face as a marker, brings Edward, a bird with arms, appear on your shoulder to playfully introduce the T100HA.

The Hello Edward app is brilliantly simple to use without any of the hassle typically associated with AR. Using your mobile phone’s front camera, we developed an advanced face and shoulder detection algorithm that determines the location of your shoulder. This allowed us to position Edward right on your shoulder.

To finish off the experience and promote social sharing, Edward leans in and poses for a ‘bird selfie’, which is automatically saved to your phone’s gallery.

Hello Edward is also installed on T100HA devices, as an interactive display in-store, and at events.


Hello Edward and the Modern Birds campaign played an instrumental role in helping ASUS reach a younger and mobile audience. With a big peak in media attention in Asia, our target loved the humor and simplicity of the app.

The campaign tool is part of the Modern Birds campaign that we developed for ASUS, which to date has already led to 30% sales increase in key markets and is considered ASUS’ most successful campaign ever.

The Hello Edward product demo tool was launched in December 2015 as a service tool for both in-store and social usage and is promoted in the upcoming months along with the global distribution of the new T100HA.