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Just Be You

Lenovo asked us to create an integrated worldwide brand campaign to introduce their new line of 7th Gen Lenovo Yoga Slim laptops, with a specific focus on engaging a GenZ audience. Going live in over 15 markets all over the world, we needed an idea that would resonate everywhere…



GenZ and young millennials have lots of interests and passions and are always looking for new ways to combine the things they love. They’re not just one thing, and the Lenovo Yoga Slim isn’t either. It gives you the power to “Just Be You”.


To bring our “Just Be You” campaign story to life, we created a series of short and long form films that tell the life of Anna, a young woman with many passions and interests. The global TVC uses a ‘pass the baton’ approach where each version of Anna interacts with herself, taking the laptop to show another side of her personality and the device. The anthem of the campaign is a song by Lady Bri called “Do what I do”, an upbeat song with a positive message that even got the attention of Michelle Obama, who added it to her official Spotify playlist.

From North America and Brazil, to India, Europe and Southeast Asia, the campaign is now live in over 15 markets around the world. 


Production Company

Production Company: Caviar 

Executive Producer: Charles Kinoo

Director: Kinopravda/ Victor Carrey

DOP: Alberto Bañares 



Music: “Do What I Do” 

Performed by: Lady Bri

Sound Design: Massive Music