Creativity needs exercise, just like any other muscle

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Made for Makers


Create an experiential concept in Foot Locker stores across Europe using the Made for the Makers story about creativity to drive energetic brand engagement for Vans. Be loud and create awareness of the in-store activation as well as amplify it beyond.


The Made for the Makers collection was built to maximize comfort so that makers can do what they love all day, every day without sacrificing personal style.

Opportunity: in a world where lifestyle shoes rule, Vans’ creative lifestyle stands out from the same old sport story.

Our key insight: creativity needs exercise, just like any other muscle.



We turn typical “training” machines into creativity machines, whose output is not only sweat but new art. We will transform Foot Locker stores in surprising ways, giving shoppers a creativity refresh.

We built a series of installations in London and Berlin, together with a number of artists/ makers. Also we made a Notebook for Creativity, to be handed out in the stores during two weekends.