The campaign that got the whole world tweeting

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Modern Birds


Introduce the 2-in-1 ASUS Transformer Book T100 to a young global audience who is increasingly digital, mobile, and busy. Be ‘always on’ and create multichannel visibility during the busy holiday shopping season.


Finding the perfect balance between work and our private lives is always a struggle. We decided to look at the challenge with an outsider perspective – quite literally…
The key message: a tablet when you want it, a laptop when you need it.

“A viral series with over 20 million views.”

- Adweek -


The ‘Modern Birds’ campaign had enormous global success, both in business as in communication results. Breaking through the category clutter led to an unprecedented 30% global sales increase. The videos went viral with over 20 million views. It was ASUS’ most successful campaign ever! Wow.