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Quinny Parenting Couture


Quinny is a stroller brand sold in over 20 countries but had been losing ground to competitors who were faring better in appealing to urban millennial parents. With a range of 3 new strollers to be launched, Quinny wanted to reposition itself as a young, edgy and outspoken brand for young parents in urban areas.



Given the importance of brick and mortar retailers, it was essential to strengthen retail-partnerships and to develop new ones. To win the hearts and minds of retailers and their clientele of millennial and soon-to-be parents, we decided to organize an event that would have a ripple effect through earned media.


We wanted to claim fashion in a relevant and edgy way for a stroller brand like Quinny. That’s why we partnered up with Dutch fashion designer Marlou Breuls to design a capsule collection of 5 couture pieces based on parenting insights. Fashion to get you through your new life with kids in a stylish way and with a massive wink. We called it: Quinny Parenting Couture.


The five pieces were launched at an exclusive catwalk show in Milan during Milan Fashion Week. A once-in-a-lifetime brand experience that would naturally have shareable photo- and video content and would find its way through earned media and influencers.


The effect was unseen for Quinny. We invited 30 European influencers, who created over 300 pieces of content, generating more than 13K engagements and an organic reach of almost 6 million people. This totalled in more than 7,5 million impressions across Instagram and Facebook only. The event also generated substantial PR value, through more than 20 media outlets across Europe and Asia, calculated in over 30K euro in the Netherlands alone and projected to reach 150K euro across Europe and the US.

Additionally, Quinny has already seen a 50% average increase in market share across key European markets (Germany, UK, France, Netherlands, Poland). When it comes to sales, the product sales of Quinny LDN stroller are 30% higher in the first two months than any previous Quinny stroller. Quinny also has new partnerships with over 30 retailers across Europe, with more than 120 individual stores.

“Fashion Week has never been more relatable”

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