A supersmooooth tribute

Made with love in

New York


Remaster the Internet


Our New York shop was asked to launch the new LG V20 smartphone with a digital campaign. It needed to be aimed at vloggers and a young mobile audience in the United States. A crowd that loves to capture everyday moments from out of their pockets.


We share viral videos with our peers a gazillion times, despite being shot with vertical video, crackling audio and shaky camera work. The mighty David Lynch once said: “Great films are 50 percent sound and 50 percent visual”, so we asked ourselves what the result would be if those virals got remastered with some high definition power? Meet the LG V20. A phone with extreme high quality filmmaking features, like hifi audio recording, 4K capturing and steady-recording mode.


To prove homegrown production shouldn’t mean squawking audio and video, we’ve set out with LG to remaster the internet’s favourite virals. One film at a time.

By using the original creators like (Damn) Daniel, Mike “bottle flip” Senatore and the Double Rainbow dude we aimed at the hearts of our audience. We added a smooth 90’s RnB band to the original setting et voila: all eyes and ears on the LG V20’s smooth videography skills.

“Damn, Daniel is back and looking smoother than ever.”


And the coolest of coolest things? All footage was captured with the actual V20. Even the vocals were recorded with the phone in a professional studio.

So, our hot looking quartet was perfect to demonstrate all features of the smartphone. They even did this in separate how-to videos. A good example of how we made our Superclose Model work for this particular product. It brought a whole sequence of different types of messages to different audiences.


The campaign rocked AdAge’s viral charts for 3 weeks in a row and ended up in AdWeek’s overview of best online campaigns of the year.

With over 41 million views, more than a hundred thousand likes and over 45.000 shares on Facebook the engagement was ultimately high.

It got people talking about one of the coolest devices of the year, in a market where every tech brand is fighting for attention.

“One of the most engaging pieces of brand content of the year.”

- AdWeek -