When life gets confusing, seeing is better

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Seeing is Better

When it comes to emerging hot new tech, voice assistant technology is on top of any list. But, sometimes hearing an explanation just adds to the confusion. Directions, recipes, instructions… all of these are so much easier when you can just see it.


We needed to create a series of TVCs and online videos and ads that show how the Lenovo Smart Display is better than other home assistants because it uses a touchscreen to visualise answers instead of relying simply on audio explanations.


The life of a parent is filled with confusing moments that could benefit from having a little extra visual clarification. Your daughter’s explanation of unicorn hair not cutting it? Watch a YouTube tutorial. Husband’s lemon pie recipe getting lost in translation? Pull up a hands-free recipe.


In a nationwide US launch campaign that used a range of inspiring and relevant usage scenarios, we showed how the Lenovo Smart Display cuts through the chaos and confusion of daily family life, and demonstrated exactly why #SeeingIsBetter.