Netflix Sex Education: The show you don't watch with your parents

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Netflix Sex Education


Netflix Sex Education was the company’s new Original show. As you can imagine, it is a show about… sex, and teenagers. And it needed to be introduced in the Netherlands to a whole generation of digital natives. But how could we grab their attention?


The sex scenes in Netflix’s Sex Education are pretty explicit. Even though times are changing, and talking about sex is not taboo, Sex Education remains one of those Netflix shows you’d rather not watch with your parents. So we did exactly that.


We invited a series of teenagers and their parents to sit and watch the show together. Imagine that: watching a show about sex, with your parents. A pure nightmare, right? The teens were hooked up to a series of meters, measuring their heart rate and emotional response. How would they respond? We just had to wait…

Awkward? Yes.


Focusing on a Dutch audience, the social series quickly gathered over a million views on Facebook and Instagram. Netflix’s Sex Education became an instant hit.