I can’t pee anymore

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Stage Fright


After the incredible success of the LG So Real It’s Scary film (which to date has accumulated 20+ million views) we were asked to come up with the next installment in the So Real It’s Scary series.


How could the lifelike colors of the screens seem so real that they really impact people. Or rather, how could they actually have an impact on the physical functioning of people’s bodies. We required an element of psycho-physical experimentation meets toilet humour for the viral effect.



For centuries men have suffered the inability to pee if suddenly being watched by others. But could a video of a couple of girls or a big gay guy watching them – still have the same powerful effect?

We thought why not spend two days in a men’s toilet treating unsuspecting men to a very special challenge to find out. Will they be able to urinate or will the screen monitors be real enough to scare them into ’Stage Fright’?

“Better than 92% of all virals tested”

- Cannes ’Be-On’ Keynote Speech on Measuring Effectiveness -


The film has already received over 6 million views, as well as being featured as the primary example of effective marketing in a keynote speech at Cannes.