People love easy, so we gave it to them.

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New York


Take the Shortcut


Setapp is “the Netflix for apps” and with this brilliant piece of software you have unlimited access to over 60 of the best Mac apps for one monthly fee. Its originator MacPaw –known for popular software titles like CleanMyMac- asked us to prove the benefits of this new Mac App subscription. Because with all those apps in the dock of your Mac you can forget about the hassle of going through the Mac App Store. You get exactly what you want, when you need it.


We translated the convenience of an app subscription to taking the shortcut in moments in life when you really want it. A feeling so commonly shared. Whether you’re a graphic designer, film or music artist, small business owner or just a daily user at home.

“This ridiculous stunt shows people love shortcuts”



Our multi-channel campaign was aimed at a US market and celebrated that convenience of taking the shortcut. By applying our SuperClose model we first invited developers and tech enthusiasts for a beta phase.

Next up was a full consumer launch in which we targeted entrepreneurs and small business owners with two highly entertaining commercial ads. With sequential storytelling we followed up with smaller ads, showing the frustrations of starting a fire, building a birdhouse or picking the right apps for Mac. All these moments are minimized by offering people a shortcut.

Then, when the full commercial campaign was up and running, the best real proof came from an exciting day at lake in Orlando where we surprised fishermen with a fresh caught shortcut. Parallel to the campaign we invited tech bloggers like Swerve and Eli The Computer Guy to review Setapp and host an interview session with MacPaw.

“Setapp by MacPaw. Mind Blown! ???? ????”

- Swerve Designs -


Product awareness went up from only 40% to a booming 66%. Next to Swerve and Eli Etherton, other influential tech media picked up and reviewedSetapp. The brand promise of “taking the shortcut” was embraced and helped skyrocketing trial subscriptions.