The one and only fully 'streetsourced' campaign

Made with love in

New York


The Alien and the Dinosaur


ASUS HQ in Taipei asked us to create a launch campaign for the ASUS ZenFone 3 that builds on their overall brand message of creating tech that empowers people to become anything they want.


Standing out in a crowded smartphone market is tough, especially when new phones have nearly identical specs. Instead of focusing on all the ZenFone 3’s clever technical advantages, we boiled them all down to one attention grabbing fact: It’s a great phone, that basically lets you do anything you want. So we decided to turn the launch into a ‘storydoing’ campaign: why not let our target group become the director of our campaign?


The campaign’s lighthearted message of empowerment gave our young digital audience exactly what they wanted. The awareness campaign did it’s job, bringing in over 19 million organic views, with hundreds of thousands of shares and reactions. In the USA it was also named AdWeek’s Ad of the Day.