Licking lollipops and handroids

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The Art of Color


The challenge was to transform the perception of Diesel‘s Fresh and Bright colored underpants… into haute couture pieces of high fashion with an ironic Diesel wink.


Conceptually Fresh & Bright is all about the color. Therefore to elevate the perception of the underwear to high fashion, our solution was to surround the pants with premium ART connotations before revealing the colour.

So we started out with classic white underwear on a model poised in sculptural poses. We placed him on rotating podiums, and with tongue firmly in cheek, created an over the top art exhibit.


An interactive art gallery to elevate the colorful Diesel Fresh & Bright underwear collection to the world of modern art.

’The Art of Color’ is an online art gallery exhibiting 3 interactive dada inspired coloring installations, produced together with French/Swiss artists Ben & Julia.

’Oh Mother Where Art Thou’ features lollipops which lick the color onto the intimates; ’Your Mind Sprays Tricks’ plays with spray can wielding handroids; finally in ’How She Used To Look At Me’ a laser-eyed unicorn’s head shoots bolts of color onto the underwear…

The exhibition was socially integrated – Facebook fans wrote short poetic pieces about the colors, which were featured on the website to inspire users to explore all the art pieces.

“Makes you want a pair of Diesel underwear!”

- Trend Hunter -


The exhibition was featured on dozens of fashion blogs and is currently being shown offline as video art on display around the world. Most importantly it “Makes you want a pair of Diesel underwear!” – Trend Hunter.