We hypnotized the full cast... to be 5-year old again

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The magic of Christmas


To generate excitement for the Diesel Christmas gift selection.


Christmas is a time of increasingly obscene over-commercialization and brand brainwashing, so it was our duty to remind people of the true joy of the holidays again – through a little mind control of our own. Oh, the irony.


Bring people back to their earliest childhood memories of Christmas.

A group of customers was hypnotized to 5-year-olds to relive how Christmas Day mornings used to be (and to reach agonizing levels of ecstasy over Diesel’s gifts). In a short film trilogy, ‘Anticipation’ was followed by ‘Joy’, which in turn led onto ‘Goodwill’ – envy and selfishness.

To ensure that as many people as possible were aware of the gifts we created a full month’s worth of campaign content including a CCTV teaser, a making-of film, ‘Behind the Dreams’, as well as daily supporting social content.

“Whoah whoah way better than an Xbox!!!!!!”

- Creativity Magazine -


Cumulatively the campaign reached a total number of 4.9 million people online without any media support. The supporting website has also already won 7 web content awards.