The banner blocker that makes you get up and go

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The Ticket


Impact and engage the Converse audience at scale by bringing real meaning to Converse Sneaker attitude. What would sneakers do?


What would sneakers do to the web? Or when they have presented a now-or-never opportunity on the streets? Umbrella‘d under #sneakerswould, Converse fans were presented with spontaneous opportunities to act like sneakers. This meant provoking them to act at the moment, or get up from behind their computers and leave their comfort zones.


Let‘s provoke sneakers to be truly spontaneous, anytime and everywhere. Both in the digital world and in real life: #sneakerswould.

The fundament of the campaign was an innovative platform called The Ticket, a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox. The extension blocked the ’boring biz parts‘ of the internet and converted them into a continuous stream of sneaker content and now-or-never opportunities all across Europe.

Over 125 pieces of content were created in creative collabs: gifs, films, photography, games and so much more. Plus across Europe, over 800 sneakers got to attend amazing gigs and experiences.

“Like some benevolent internet god Converse will shower you with fun stuff”

- Now. Here. This -


Brave innovation, disruptive thinking: the Ticket has gotten great acclaim for being true sneaker attitude. The extension was downloaded thousands of times by Chrome and Firefox users and enjoyed extensive press visibility around Europe.

“Converse is prompting us all to push the boat out”