A Sitcom made For All of Us

Made with love in

New York

Lenovo YOGA x Intel EVO

The TikTok Sitcom

TikTok isn’t just for dancing, it’s also where we premiered “Almost Home for the Holidays”, a user generated sitcom that uses TikTok’s native features to the max.

Together with #actingchallenge queen Eliana Ghen we premiered the platform’s first-ever sitcom. TikTok loved it. Lenovo and Intel too:
7 million organic views, 700K likes, 5000 incredibly positive comments, and zero dollars spent on media. Plus op top of it all… two Webby Awards!

Ever wonder what a sitcom would look like in the era of TikTok?

To introduce the new Lenovo YOGA ‘For All of Us’ brand story and to spread brand love with our young audience, we created the first-ever TikTok Sitcom. Starring TikTok acting challenge Queen Eliana Ghen, and with no media budget to boost, we squeezed every ounce of creativity out of the platform’s native features. The idea generated tons of attention and quickly racked up thousands of Duets.

Launched during Thanksgiving, the story followed the classic sitcom structure and dramatized a woman’s attempt to get home for the holidays despite increasing airline restrictions, and a power-hungry ticket agent. We also enhanced the reach by including some other popular TikTok faces, and of course the YOGA.  


After we received all the entries, we edited a final 3-minute episode with the best TikTok Duets to become the one and only TikTok Sitcom. 

The TikTok Sitcom not only engaged our hard-to-reach audience in big numbers but also created a brand experience that took TikTok into uncharted creative territory…   

“The TikTok Sitcom won two Webby Awards!”