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Time to level up


Online trading is booming and competition more fierce than ever. So for LYNX, one of Europe’s leading online brokers, it was time to move from product promotion to building a strong brand. Our starting point was their trading platform; the most complete one out there. It’s so extensive that newbies experience it as overwhelming. We decided to turn this seeming weakness into a strength, and position LYNX as the broker for those who are serious about investing and feel ready to level up.


Our campaign served as an invitation: When you feel ready, upgrade to LYNX. Because for this audience, investing is all about exploration and self-development. And when you’re upgrading yourself, you shouldn’t waste potential by not upgrading your broker. LYNX is where to turn to when you’ve grown, and want to continue to grow. 


LYNX. When you’re ready. 


LYNX’ very first brand campaign introduced itself ​​through a series of short (15+6 sec) online videos and social assets. Each representing people that are ready to level up; from an ambitious equestrian on a mini horse in front of a high hurdle, to witty takes on trading situations.


While other online brokers are busy fighting a price war, LYNX is attracting eyeballs and winning hearts with their first brand campaign yet. The campaign went live mid January 2022 so no results are in yet, but it’s looking promising!