The first Instagram generated font

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36 days of type

Type to Design


Creating a new typeface is one of the most difficult but rewarding disciplines in a designer’s world. In this project we promoted “36 Days of Type”, to highlight the thousands of kick-ass designs that were submitted.


“36 Days of Type” was an Instagram art project that we found amazing so we looked for a playful interface to highlight all the designs. We created, a site that creates a randomly generated font using all the characters designed for “36 Days of Type”. It turned into a very addictive app, allowing everyone to create their own pieces of art.


Did you know typing your name is the new selfie? Over 200.000 people visited the site and created their own designs. With zero media budget, we reached millions of people across social media all over the globe. The site was featured on hundreds of design blogs, including, TheNextWeb, Hypebeast and so on. Plus we got an AWWWards Site of the day. Niceness!

“It’s like the Instagram version of making ransom notes”